Monday, May 23, 2011

Miss my TVS Scooty :(

It was in my graduation in Meerut that I finally got a TVS Scooty.The day had come after many days of fights with parents.I would say fights because I dn't gave in to their stubbornness,you see I am my Father's daughter :)
Mine was a blue colored.I wanted the color to match with our car.That day I felt as a grownup and it was my first step towards becoming independent.
While driving I raced with the wind,never giving up and felt as if I was the only one ahead. I also felt as my mother got more confidence in me .Still remember going to Mahima's school to pick her up whenever her bus used to get late.Gaurav and me used to fight as to who will drive it to tuition :)
Still remember when Mahima had an accident ,the first thing I asked her "Was my scooty ok??" and she was pissed off for not asking about her...hahahahahaha
Those wonderful days of driving my Scooty :)

Now in US things are very different.In Seattle,most of the time its raining and driving a two wheeler is not advisable.You drive a car or walk or take bus.Thou I used to drive a car back in India(that too a Tata Sumo) but after coming here I dn't have that confidence to drive again.After staying here for 3yrs ,now I have started to feel the urge to drive again.I asked my husband to get me a 2 wheeler but the weather dsn't permit so I have started driving slowly and steadily and hopefully I will again be racing with the wind and be ahead........

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