Monday, April 20, 2015

What am I up to now....

Its been a while since I wrote has been crazy busy and writing has taken a back seat. But today I decided to come back to share what all has been happening with me :)

So to start with I have started practicing Nichiren Buddhism. You can read up more here - SGI USA This has helped me become more calmer and smile on situations where I don't have any control on (yeah there have been many ....ask me )

Next, recently I got full time position working at Nintendo ..don't you remember playing mario and donkey kong!!!! there is a generation which don't remember playing as they were happy playing with mud or they woke up to playing playstation :)

Life has been good till now...and I am sure it will be more better going forward...No I havn't had any babies till yet, if you were wondering to ask me :) I am still enjoying my frequent trips to

What are you up to ???? Lets connect in comments how is life for you and anything exciting happening.. Love you all!!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Showing gratitude in ones' life

Think ..when was the last time you were grateful for something in your life or to someone in your day?  The word "Thank you" is very common but how many of us understand the real meaning of it. Do we say thank you to our parents for doing everything and being there in our life? Do we say thank you to our wife or husband? These are just some of the thoughts that come to me.The word is very small but has a very powerful impact on the other person.Every day we join hands and bow our head in front of GOD. Do we ever say thank you GOD for everything in our life? No.We don't thank GOD we just ask for more.Try it..thank GOD once and see the impact it has in your life,just say "Thank you for everything" & GOD will smile :)

It has been my personal experience in the last couple of months that has given birth to this post today.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A new chapter begins..

It was the day she had to leave and go with him.She knew no one around her was willing to let her go but still she had to.With every step she was getting close to the new chapter in her life and getting far from the world she has always been in.The moment she saw him waiting for her,the tears came rolling down her eyes.It was this moment that she always dreamt of but today,when the dream is becoming a reality,she still want it to remain a dream.

On the eve of my wedding anniversary looking back from the day I got married and today,life has changed.I got married and moved to another country.From being surrounded by people ,I came to a place where I had to go and sit at a coffee place to see people around me.
From being just an hour drive away from my family to being a 24hr flight across the continents.From visiting the family every weekend to visiting the family once in 2years.Above all I am thankful to GOD for giving me a life partner which has and will always be with me no matter how much tough time I give him ..hehehehe
The journey have been very tough but in the end I emerge out as a winner who took the challenges that life threw and proved that I am ready for more from life.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Best memories comes from the vacations..

Its been some years now that I have left school so its tough to know the importance of vacations.But if I look back on my school years,its been the vacations which have given me the best memories to keep.

Every summer vacation we would pack our bags and go to my grandparents home.For most of the time we did road trips and always looked forward to them.Sitting in the car having aloo ki sabzi and puris(spicy patatoe curry with Indian puffed bread) fighting with my brother.Still remember how badly we fought once while travelling,that dad had to stop the car and made him standout on the side of the road,just to make me feel bad.It was hell in the small car :)

At my grandparents place ,we used to go out to our fields in the village.The clean village air smelt so nice and changed from the everyday air of the cities.The running water in the fields,birds chirping in the background.We used to run from one tree to another playing hide and seek.When little I was a big fan of sweet buns.So whenever we used to come ,my grandmother made sure that she had the fresh sweet buns from the bakery everyday.I would hear my grandmother telling the milkman "Get more milk now that my children are home,they need more milk to drink"

My grandfather had an old Fiat.He used to drive us to small and zigzag roads of the city.Driving us to the places which we never knew existed.Buying us small things which would keep us occupied for a couple of days to come.

When it was time to go back,it was these lovely memories which we took with us and promised our grandparents that we would come back soon to be with them :)

Now my occasional trips to India have become my vacations.Thou they don't come every year but still I look forward to them :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The joy of having younger siblings :)

Today is my kid sister's b'day.Having a sibling is like having a best friend who is every time with you and when he/she leaves you life becomes tough.

When we were growing up me and bro were unbreakable.We used to go to the same school,in same bus.I once remember my brother missed his school bus to go with me.Since he was in junior school he had different timings......At home my mother was all worried of him not showing up on the bus stop....finally when we came home my mother asked him why he dn't came at his time and he replied " I wanted to come with didi......"Those innocent words must have surely did some wonders to my mother as she never scolded him on this :)

There are many such incidents like this ....where my bro for me and with me always.Till we were young we had the same friends to play with..even played the same games...

There are no words of joy of having a kid sister....she is The one with whom you share all and everything......I feel bad for her as she was always given my clothes to always got them altered for her.....Recently when I went to India I got a watch for her and she said "You gave me my first watch and still giving me ."All her teenage years she wore my watches which I stopped wearing and finally I only gave her a new one...just for her.

The love also brings fights...and anyone in my family can tell that our fights were not good...when me and bro used to fight as kids my mother had to take my bro's side when I ask her why she always took his side,so she said "You were a big girl physically and he was tiny so if I wn't come in between you will crush him"....hahahaha...that was he has grown so tall that I can't reach him also :)

In 2010 he got married.....till all the ceremonies were being done I was ok...but once the bride came home I felt like things will not be the same now...

We are physically apart from each other but I know ,we will always be connect with each other....Miss you both...badly...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Eating sweets is a sin now :(

Well what to say,its a known fact that as we age our metabolism goes down and we should see what we eat....Back in the days,when my metabolism was all good and up,I was addicted to eating sweets,thou I am still but have to control now :(

On holi mom used to make gujiya's(its a north indian sweet made on occasions) lots of them and stored them in a canistar(love the way its spellled:)) That box was kept near to my bed and boy was I all happy.I used to finish that whole box all alone in approx 10 days flat and not a pound of weight gain...miss those days of non stop eating gujiyas. Everyone used to say "Dn't keep the box near her bed else no one will get a single piece".

Now I dread the idea of eating so much sweets.I still want to eat but with age catching up(yeah I know...I am getting old ) this is not a good idea :(

There are 2 half empty boxes of sweets kept in the house I just wish I can empty them and not cry over getting into my jeans :((

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My fascination for Indian traditional wear :)

Being an Indian gives you an oppurtunity to wear the traditional saris and salwar kurtas.I was first introduced to wearing them in my mid teen years.My father got posted in a small place in UP and there I was introduced to a all girls' school and that too,hindi medium and UP board (just imagine the pressure I was in with all the sudden changes )

The school required students to wear blue and grey combination salwar kurta.I was not very happy with this but had no choice.Once I started wearing them I felt very comfortable in them as all my school years ,before that,I wore skirts and had to be very careful of how to sit and what to do and not to do :))

I wore a sari for the first time in my 12th farewell. My mother has a beautiful collection of saris' ,some being passed on by my grandmother. Every time she used to wear them I used to say "When will I wear them???" and she used to say "Sometime in the future you will".So finally when the time came I had months for the preparations.Firstly selected which sari to wear,then the matching blouse and finally the accessories.After days of going back and forth I decided upon a black and pink printed silk sari (it still remains one of my fav in my mother's closet :))
Finally the day came.Since morning I was very excited to wear my first sari.Ma helped me tie it.She also did my hair.She was my only hairdresser that time :) I had long hair so we decided to go for a high bun with red roses...All was set and I was off to my school farwell feeling pretty.

When I started my college I was a growup woman,thou I was not legally 18 also...the fascination of salwar kurta and saris kept on growing more and more.I started wearing salwar-kurta in my daily life also and occasionally saris.

The big time when sari became a daily routine was when I started teaching in a school in Meerut.I was very happy to wear them.By this time my mother's sari collection had increased and everyday I used to dig into them to choose what to wear the next day.Initially it was tough to wear them as I was not quick to tie them but as we say, practice makes a man perfect,so was I.Tieing a sari and that too a cotton one became my everyday activity.

Since I came to US I wear sari and salwar kurta only on occasions.The weather here dsn't permit me to wear them.As its summer here,technically but then also its cold,I wear my kurta's whenever I get an opportunity.Once I wore a sari and an American lady kept thinking "how can you tie this long piece of cloth in such a good way??? "

So my fascination with the traditional wear keeps getting stronger .The funny thing about this is I have told my mother to make a will so as who will get which sari of hers'....hehehe