Saturday, February 12, 2011

Are weekly horoscopes accurate?

I eargly wait for the Sunday paper and the first thing I do is to read the Sunday Horoscope section.This time ,valentine being on the corner,th writer has tried to give the romantic side of every sunsign.Each and every word is correct about me.

The reason that I am discussing this topic is because when my parents were looking for a "Suitable match" for me ,my mother would always read these horoscopes and believe in them.Well I would not say they were not true always but yes regarding marriage ,they were never true.
There was this one time that in some horoscope it was written that "you would find a suitable match by Fall".As we lived in India ,fall is not a common word used for season .I still remember my cousin ,who was in US that time,had come to visit us.We asked her when is the season Fall according to the Hindu calender.She told us and we remebered.
As the months started approaching my mother and somewhere me also ,we started thinking about what the horoscope said and the season of fall was about to start.But in my mind there was a conflict with what the horoscope said.I was not considering any "Suitable match" ,so how will the prediction be true.
Well what I had thout happened.Fall came followed by winter and summer and nothing happened.The prediction went wrong.I was not married and still looking for "The one".

Does this mean that the weekly predicitions are not right????

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