Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Showing gratitude in ones' life

Think ..when was the last time you were grateful for something in your life or to someone in your day?  The word "Thank you" is very common but how many of us understand the real meaning of it. Do we say thank you to our parents for doing everything and being there in our life? Do we say thank you to our wife or husband? These are just some of the thoughts that come to me.The word is very small but has a very powerful impact on the other person.Every day we join hands and bow our head in front of GOD. Do we ever say thank you GOD for everything in our life? No.We don't thank GOD we just ask for more.Try it..thank GOD once and see the impact it has in your life,just say "Thank you for everything" & GOD will smile :)

It has been my personal experience in the last couple of months that has given birth to this post today.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A new chapter begins..

It was the day she had to leave and go with him.She knew no one around her was willing to let her go but still she had to.With every step she was getting close to the new chapter in her life and getting far from the world she has always been in.The moment she saw him waiting for her,the tears came rolling down her eyes.It was this moment that she always dreamt of but today,when the dream is becoming a reality,she still want it to remain a dream.

On the eve of my wedding anniversary looking back from the day I got married and today,life has changed.I got married and moved to another country.From being surrounded by people ,I came to a place where I had to go and sit at a coffee place to see people around me.
From being just an hour drive away from my family to being a 24hr flight across the continents.From visiting the family every weekend to visiting the family once in 2years.Above all I am thankful to GOD for giving me a life partner which has and will always be with me no matter how much tough time I give him ..hehehehe
The journey have been very tough but in the end I emerge out as a winner who took the challenges that life threw and proved that I am ready for more from life.