Thursday, September 8, 2011

Best memories comes from the vacations..

Its been some years now that I have left school so its tough to know the importance of vacations.But if I look back on my school years,its been the vacations which have given me the best memories to keep.

Every summer vacation we would pack our bags and go to my grandparents home.For most of the time we did road trips and always looked forward to them.Sitting in the car having aloo ki sabzi and puris(spicy patatoe curry with Indian puffed bread) fighting with my brother.Still remember how badly we fought once while travelling,that dad had to stop the car and made him standout on the side of the road,just to make me feel bad.It was hell in the small car :)

At my grandparents place ,we used to go out to our fields in the village.The clean village air smelt so nice and changed from the everyday air of the cities.The running water in the fields,birds chirping in the background.We used to run from one tree to another playing hide and seek.When little I was a big fan of sweet buns.So whenever we used to come ,my grandmother made sure that she had the fresh sweet buns from the bakery everyday.I would hear my grandmother telling the milkman "Get more milk now that my children are home,they need more milk to drink"

My grandfather had an old Fiat.He used to drive us to small and zigzag roads of the city.Driving us to the places which we never knew existed.Buying us small things which would keep us occupied for a couple of days to come.

When it was time to go back,it was these lovely memories which we took with us and promised our grandparents that we would come back soon to be with them :)

Now my occasional trips to India have become my vacations.Thou they don't come every year but still I look forward to them :)


  1. Hey! thanks for finding me..I am so glad that you are from Seattle..we should definitely meet up soon..I will be free from my internship in two weeks and we should catch up for coffee or something. spend some time on the blog but will be back for more..So which area do you stay in? I am near UW..


  2. Yeah, sis! I remember standing out of the car.

  3. hello babes! sorry for the late reply..was just caught up in some things this week..will definitely do a post on dupattas as scarves! I am glad that you asked...went to puyallup fair yesterday..was good fun! have you been there?
    let's plan to meet soon..but will email you about it..have fun!

  4. What a lovely post. I think we all have such unforgettable memories of summer vacations. I used to go ti my grandparents' house too :)