Monday, April 20, 2015

What am I up to now....

Its been a while since I wrote has been crazy busy and writing has taken a back seat. But today I decided to come back to share what all has been happening with me :)

So to start with I have started practicing Nichiren Buddhism. You can read up more here - SGI USA This has helped me become more calmer and smile on situations where I don't have any control on (yeah there have been many ....ask me )

Next, recently I got full time position working at Nintendo ..don't you remember playing mario and donkey kong!!!! there is a generation which don't remember playing as they were happy playing with mud or they woke up to playing playstation :)

Life has been good till now...and I am sure it will be more better going forward...No I havn't had any babies till yet, if you were wondering to ask me :) I am still enjoying my frequent trips to

What are you up to ???? Lets connect in comments how is life for you and anything exciting happening.. Love you all!!!!!