Thursday, June 23, 2011

My fascination for Indian traditional wear :)

Being an Indian gives you an oppurtunity to wear the traditional saris and salwar kurtas.I was first introduced to wearing them in my mid teen years.My father got posted in a small place in UP and there I was introduced to a all girls' school and that too,hindi medium and UP board (just imagine the pressure I was in with all the sudden changes )

The school required students to wear blue and grey combination salwar kurta.I was not very happy with this but had no choice.Once I started wearing them I felt very comfortable in them as all my school years ,before that,I wore skirts and had to be very careful of how to sit and what to do and not to do :))

I wore a sari for the first time in my 12th farewell. My mother has a beautiful collection of saris' ,some being passed on by my grandmother. Every time she used to wear them I used to say "When will I wear them???" and she used to say "Sometime in the future you will".So finally when the time came I had months for the preparations.Firstly selected which sari to wear,then the matching blouse and finally the accessories.After days of going back and forth I decided upon a black and pink printed silk sari (it still remains one of my fav in my mother's closet :))
Finally the day came.Since morning I was very excited to wear my first sari.Ma helped me tie it.She also did my hair.She was my only hairdresser that time :) I had long hair so we decided to go for a high bun with red roses...All was set and I was off to my school farwell feeling pretty.

When I started my college I was a growup woman,thou I was not legally 18 also...the fascination of salwar kurta and saris kept on growing more and more.I started wearing salwar-kurta in my daily life also and occasionally saris.

The big time when sari became a daily routine was when I started teaching in a school in Meerut.I was very happy to wear them.By this time my mother's sari collection had increased and everyday I used to dig into them to choose what to wear the next day.Initially it was tough to wear them as I was not quick to tie them but as we say, practice makes a man perfect,so was I.Tieing a sari and that too a cotton one became my everyday activity.

Since I came to US I wear sari and salwar kurta only on occasions.The weather here dsn't permit me to wear them.As its summer here,technically but then also its cold,I wear my kurta's whenever I get an opportunity.Once I wore a sari and an American lady kept thinking "how can you tie this long piece of cloth in such a good way??? "

So my fascination with the traditional wear keeps getting stronger .The funny thing about this is I have told my mother to make a will so as who will get which sari of hers'....hehehe