Saturday, July 9, 2011

The joy of having younger siblings :)

Today is my kid sister's b'day.Having a sibling is like having a best friend who is every time with you and when he/she leaves you life becomes tough.

When we were growing up me and bro were unbreakable.We used to go to the same school,in same bus.I once remember my brother missed his school bus to go with me.Since he was in junior school he had different timings......At home my mother was all worried of him not showing up on the bus stop....finally when we came home my mother asked him why he dn't came at his time and he replied " I wanted to come with didi......"Those innocent words must have surely did some wonders to my mother as she never scolded him on this :)

There are many such incidents like this ....where my bro for me and with me always.Till we were young we had the same friends to play with..even played the same games...

There are no words of joy of having a kid sister....she is The one with whom you share all and everything......I feel bad for her as she was always given my clothes to always got them altered for her.....Recently when I went to India I got a watch for her and she said "You gave me my first watch and still giving me ."All her teenage years she wore my watches which I stopped wearing and finally I only gave her a new one...just for her.

The love also brings fights...and anyone in my family can tell that our fights were not good...when me and bro used to fight as kids my mother had to take my bro's side when I ask her why she always took his side,so she said "You were a big girl physically and he was tiny so if I wn't come in between you will crush him"....hahahaha...that was he has grown so tall that I can't reach him also :)

In 2010 he got married.....till all the ceremonies were being done I was ok...but once the bride came home I felt like things will not be the same now...

We are physically apart from each other but I know ,we will always be connect with each other....Miss you both...badly...


  1. How sweet! :) I have a younger brother ... and I know what you mean ... seems like I have written this!!

    ♡ from ©

  2. Very nicely written :) ... Younger siblings are the best friends you'll always have.

  3. I never had a younger sibling but I'm sure its amazing but also hard at times bc you love them so much. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. Oh my God...I never thought that you think so much for me(: I got so emotional..Almost in tears..Love u soo much darling..

  5. very nicely written...I've a younger sister and a younger brother and I love them to death also. I love reading your posts.
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